Friday, February 4, 2011

Free Admission

Michael ( my husband) believes that blogging is perfect for me for many reasons. And, as much as I hate to admit it, he is often right. So here I am trying something big surprise to those of you that already know me.

I have been on a remarkable journey over the last several years, and it seems as if [at times] it interests other people. So here is a little more about me. And when I say me, that includes mine. I'll introduce them all to you as we carry on.

My journey today is that of a mother of 6 who has NO HOT WATER!!

::stupid winter::

And on top of not being able to:

1. Bathe my children (or myself) in a reasonable time

2. Cook

3. Do laundry

4. Wash dishes

5. Fill cake orders (I make custom cakes.)

I now have a disconnected pipe under my sink...

I think it is very fitting that this is what would happen on my opening day. :)

Thank you for your interest. I am very excited to see how this progresses.



After working all week in sub-freezing temperatures...he came home and fixed it.