Thursday, May 3, 2012

Glitter in the Moolight

Selma is 6 years old and loves her silver glitter high heels. She wears them with pride almost every day.
They're cheap little shoes that I picked up at Wal-Mart because I knew she would love them and want to wear them for special occasions. She was stoked when I handed them to her and wanted to wear them immediately!
I quickly said, "No. You have to save them so they will look nice when you want to wear them." Still in awe of her beautiful shoes, she trotted off a little less tall with the disappointment of being told to put them away.
For the next couple of months, she wore them maybe twice outside of the house, but was not allowed to go outside in them because she would damage them. I shot her down repeatedly because I wanted to preserve them for her when ALL SHE WANTED TO DO WAS WEAR THEM!!
How could I be so dumb? Has it really been so long since I was six that I forgot that ALL I WOULD HAVE WANTED TO DO WAS WEAR THEM ALL THE TIME!! She is growing and will outgrow these shoes in probably 6 months and I'm making her SAVE these CHEAP SHOES --- I told her they were a gift and made her tuck them away. What good is a gift that you aren't free to enjoy? Sometimes I am so was with good intention that I was guarding her shoes, but I was wrong.
She now fashions special outfits every day so she can wear her fabulous shoes. I only object on P.E. days now...It's fair. I AM the mom. =) She's the best dressed kid in the entire school. Every single day and it's her thing. A super fashionista.
Isn't it amazing what a little gift and the freedom to use it cant create?
She has now worn them so many times that I had to repair them the best I could. Spray adhesive and fine glitter, left over from an over the top Easter egg project...I'll never learn.
I did this project about a week ago made a glittery mess on the porch. The glitter has pretty much worn off the shoes, but it remains on the porch. A moonlight reminder of a lesson learned.

Whew! That is all.