Monday, January 9, 2012


The contents of my laundry room are an open book to the souls of my household. The more I pay attention to the laundry, the fewer questions I have to ask. The laundry room is a quite place for me to accept that my children are maturing while I hear the humming calm of the ever-tumbling dryer.

If you're like me, the growth of your children is bittersweet. Everything that is right here today is gone tomorrow. It seems as if I could close my eyes and they'll all be gone - raising their own families.

But, instead, I'll take a deep breath and touch their tiny socks and soak up the wonder of now...and take notes that someone needs new undies and then we need more hangers...again.

And I'll try not to rush through it.

I want to know more so I can remember more.
...the ramblings of a multi-mom.

Time to iron on numbers.

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