Monday, January 23, 2012

Scattered and Faded Toys

Lilli is now taller than her faded playhouse. If those walls could talk...
If those walls could talk, I think they would whisper secret memories.
If those walls could talk, I think they would proudly tell of a time when Lilli was the same age as ... All of the rest of them.
If those walls could talk, they'd tell me that they didn't see as much of me as they would have liked - but, oh! The stories I'd tell.
If those walls could talk, they would tell Nettie thank you for passing them on to the Sanchez family. There were 5 very special children that dreamed and played make believe within those walls before mine did.
I'm sure that if those walls could long for a time, it would be for the time when all of their children played together inside.
A fortress, home, castle, bunker, hiding place - worn, faded, and now smaller than most of the children they harbored.
My children are growing and changing before my very eyes...and each day that passes is one day closer to them outgrowing me. Time with family is so precious.

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